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School fight leads to controversy

Posted at 10:57 AM, Dec 12, 2015

The mother of an Arbor View High School student is enraged after seeing video of staff breaking up a fight involving her daughter.

The mother, who did not want her name used for safety reasons, says two other girls were picking on her daughter.

The mother says they had pushed a table into her daughter and had thrown food trays at her before her daughter had to defend herself.

It was the action of a staff member seen trying to break up the fight that upset the woman the most.

"He is running at her like a football player," the mother said of the staff member's actions. "You don't body slam somebody's child, throw them on the table and then throw them on the ground."

The Clark County School District confirmed the fight and issued a statement Friday afternoon.

"Ensuring the safety of our students is a priority at CCSD. Earlier this week a fight broke out between several students in Arbor View High School. Several staff members immediately stepped in to the break up the fight and deescalate the situation. There were no serious injuries reported and administrators personally spoke with the parents of all students involved that same day. In the event of urgent situations, our administrators and staff have to act quickly to diffuse situations and prioritize safety."
The mother says she still thinks the staff member could have used more caution when breaking up the fight and says she wants him punished.
She is planning to meet with administrators at the school next week.