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Mother says she was groped inside Freakling Brothers haunted house

Posted at 7:19 PM, Oct 03, 2016

A local mother claims she was groped inside a haunted house Saturday night. 

The mother, who did not want to be identified, said an employee grabbed her chest while walking through the Gates of Hell haunted house at the Freakling Brothers attraction. 

"All of a sudden I feel this groping up on my chest and I'm like get off of me like three or 4 times," said the mother. 

Lisa Smallwood, the woman's daughter, said her mother then elbowed the employee and the women were kicked out of the attraction. 

According to the the owners of Freakling Brothers, all haunt goers do sign a waiver before entering the attraction that says there may be "incidental mild physical contact."

"We did sign that waiver, but in that waiver it doesn't say anything about we can touch you in the private area," Smallwood said. 

Owners claim the women were being rude to actors and actresses, and they had to follow them through the haunt but never saw an employee grope the mother. 

"You know that sometimes they could end up against a character, so, that's what why we say touching, there's no groping," said Vice President JT Mollner. 

Mollner also said most of the cast in Gates of Hell are women. Employees are not put through background checks, but Mollner said they do go through intensive rehearsals. 

"I can say 100 percent we do not grope breasts at Gates of Hell," Mollner said. 

According to Yelp, there were several woman who did claim to also experience touching by employees, but owners blame it on other haunt attendees. They said there were a number of times that was a complaint last year, but it ended up being somebody in their group.

Smallwood and her mother filed a police report Monday.