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Mother is terrified after thieves break into home, steal 500-pound safe

Posted at 8:40 AM, Jun 21, 2017

A family comes home to find one thing missing. It looks like some expert thieves got away with something not too easy to transport.

The family's entire home near Blue Diamond Road and Rainbow Boulevard is gated. In surveillance video taken the day of the break-in, you can see a man jump the fence and disable the front gate. Five minutes after pulling up to the front door of the house, the car leaves.

The victims say the only thing that was stolen was a huge, 500-pound safe. It contained jewelry, guns, titles, and spare keys.

The thieves came in the morning when the mother of the house and her kids would normally be home. She's terrified these thieves will stop at nothing to take what they want.

"I'm by myself a lot with my kids and it scares me," said Stephanie Gomez, the mom who lives in the home.

The family has filed a police report. No arrests have been made yet.

"It scares me. It definitely wasn't easy trying to sleep last night so I had all my kids locked in the bedroom with me. We had the doors locked. It's very terrifying actually," said Gomez.

Gomez says they're planning to make even more security upgrades, including more surveillance cameras.

If anyone has information about the crime, please call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.