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Mother claims teacher made inappropriate political remarks on immigration

Posted at 11:27 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 02:51:21-05
The Clark County School District is investigating allegations about a teacher’s political remarks in the classroom. 
Laura Llamas filed an incident report Monday after her son explained what happened during his math class at Gibson Middle School. 
"He was like 'My teacher mentioned that she supported Trump's policies on deporting illegals because illegals are the ones that bring drugs into the communities,'" Llamas said. 
Llamas said the comments caused some kids to start crying prompting the teacher to apologize. 
“We have to stop this. This can't happen in our district at all,” Llamas said. 
Other parents at Gibson Middle School told 13 Action News that political talk in the classroom has happened before. 
“I'm a big Trump supporter and my granddaughters could not speak their mind about that in the school in front of a certain teacher because there were repercussions,” said Nanette Cook, a grandparent of CCSD students. 
Llamas is calling for the teacher to be disciplined. 
The district issued the following statement:
"CCSD is investigating the allegations surrounding a teacher at Gibson Middle School who made an inappropriate political comment and will take appropriate action to resolve the issue.
CCSD wants to remind the community that schools are a place to learn and achieve, and not instill fear or discriminate against any group of people.
Parents and families who have any concerns can contact their school principals for assistance. Any students who want to discuss their concerns can talk to their school counselors."