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More rescued puppies die of parvovirus

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jul 02, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — More puppies died from the parvovirus two weeks after 42 were rescued from an east valley home. The sad update came from numerous animal rescue groups that stepped up to help.

The Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League (SNARLLV) said (on Facebook) that Timon is just one of at least 3 rescued pups that died in the last 5 days.

Chelsea Ward of SNARL LV says, "It's tough. You have these cute puppies who should have the ability to play and be loved on and snuggled and just free roam but you have to put them in cages that are stainless steel and cold in order to quarantine them in order to not get sick."


Animal rescue groups are afraid what happened to these puppies will happen again. They say backyard breeding is a huge problem in the valley.

Lisa Lavelle of Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue says "Craigslist is a good example. Any day of the week you can see puppies for a re-homing fee which is the code word on Craigslist for an adoption fee."

Lavelle says they fully support animal control in cracking down on backyard breeding. "There's just not enough of them unfortunately. They work very very hard but the problem of backyard breeding is so much bigger than what they have the resources for."


Animal control primarily relies on complaints to make sure illegal breeders are caught.

As a community, animal advocates say we too have a role in holding these people accountable.

"If they hear or see something they need to speak up and they need to make phone calls and have somebody come out and check it out even if say they are a legitimate breeder. It still needs to be looked into," says Ward.

If you are interested in helping the rescue groups that took in these rescued puppies, you can contact them here:

Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League
A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue
Z's Promise Animal Rescue
Vegas Pet Rescue Project