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More people lying on their resume and getting caught

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 16:56:08-04

More people than ever before are lying on their resumes just to get hired. A study by HireRight says that number could be as high as 85% which is up nearly 20% from five years ago. 

The main reason for the spike in the number is because of the increase in technology to be able check for lies, according to Nevada JobConnect.

"What's going on is people are trying to pad their resume with that they've got so they either try to make it seem like they've done more with what they did, they were at a place longer than what they were or something that makes their skill levels seem to fit what the employer was looking for, they're saying oh I'm missing this one little thing so I'm going to add it in, it's not that big of a deal," said Valarie Hurtado with Nevada JobConnect.

We found people here in Las Vegas that admitted to fibbing.

"The whole thing was exaggerated," said one guy.

"They asked me if I had experience doing the job and I told them yes when I really didn't cause I knew they were going to train me to do the job," said a woman.

Hurtado says don't lie, they will find out! She also says, if you aren't qualified for one position with the company, you might be qualified for one that opens up a week later, so don't kill your chances by lying.

"If you've already let them know that you are unreliable and you are lying to them, you're not going to get called for another interview with them."

Instead, Hurtado says focus on what you're good at and be proud of the skills you do have. She suggests making a different resume for each position you apply to in order to cater to that specific position.