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Parents pull kids out of school amidst fights

Posted at 8:01 PM, May 20, 2016
More Keller Middle School parents are speaking out after the story we reported Tuesday about a surge in fights!
They, too, have pulled their kids out permanently.
On Friday, they spoke to 13 Action News about how the school simply isn't doing enough.
"Today, you don't know if your children are going to be alive after they get into a little fight,” said parent Christopher Cantello. “You don't know if they're going to get stabbed or shot. You don't know the next day what's going to happen to them."
Cantello is one of three parents whose kids were students at Keller Middle School until the bullying become unbearable and they pulled them out.
"The injury is psychological,” Cantello says. “They're going through some really hard times right now."
Today, 13 action news obtained video of Denise Salazar's daughter being attacked. She says it happened on May 5.
"They followed her almost all the way home and one of them attacked her, grabbed her by the hair and started hitting her in the face," Salazar says.
Cantello says both his kids were attacked. He says his daughter was attacked on April 20 and his son on May 9. The same day Jennifer Wallace says her daughter was attacked.
"These kids have seriously made this a conscious choice,” Wallace says. “They do this for sport. They're not angry. They’re bored."
All three say they don't understand why the kids are being suspended and not expelled. This is what CCSD has to say:
-Most physical altercations, once investigated, are deemed to be mutual fights where responsibility is placed on more than one party. Such an incident may be handled differently than a fight where a student is simply blindsided or attacked with no prior involvement.-  
 All three parents say they are moving over the summer, so that their kids can enroll in a new school next fall.