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More doctors conducting house calls for patients

Posted at 2:56 PM, Feb 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-13 17:56:43-05

One part of medicine is going back to the future. Many doctors are now ready to come to patients' homes and it might cheaper than a trip to urgent care.

Alice Prado just got of the hospital and her follow-up appointment was at home. It would have been a hassle to get to the doctor's office for Prado, being pretty much bound to her wheelchair.

"Very convenient for me instead of going to the office," she said of the house call. "You wait there but here, when they come, they see you right away."

More and more people are falling into this category of home bound, bed bound and wheelchair bound, which has brought Dr. Maria Corazon's patient total to a 800 people.

"Going to the doctor's office and waiting there is not feasible anymore," Corazon said. "They're having a hard time."

Corazon and a nurse practitioner see about 18 patients a day, traveling from home to home until 9 p.m. So why is it worth it for her?

"Because I can help them," Corazon said. "I have that compassion with patients."

Prado, her patient of 10 years, is so appreciative of the service it brings her to tears.

"She comes to you all the time," she said.

The house calls are also cost effective. It's as low as $200 cash per visit.

Most doctors doing house calls accept Medicare, Medicaid and cash. No private insurance is accepted.

For more information on the service, people can visit the Advanced House Calls website and Las Vegas House Call Doctor website, the latter of which is under construction.