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More crashes reported at Craig and Lamb

Posted at 2:21 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 21:37:08-05
Problems persist at Craig Road and Lamb Boulevard.
"The intersection is a killer," said Leonard Sanchez, a driver who frequents the area.
Wednesday night, a crash clogged up the intersection for quite some time. Thursday, flares from that crash are still visible and there's a memorial for the woman who lost her life in a wreck in January.
At Craig and Lamb you don't get a flashing yellow arrow to turn left, just a green arrow, and when that runs out a sign saying yield on the green light.
"Both of those put the responsibility on the driver to do the right thing and again people are not doing the right thing," said Erin Breen, the director of the Vulnerable Road Users Project at the Transportation Research Center at UNLV.
The Nevada Department of Transportation says intersections across the valley are getting upgraded to the flashing yellow arrow, but that takes time and money, about $45,000 a pop. Studies have shown the upgrade is safer. 
"How many people gotta lose their life before you decide this was a bad idea? And that's what it was: a bad idea," said Sanchez.
Clark County says this intersection isn't on the radar in terms of being dangerous, meaning change won't be coming soon.