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More road work expected after recession backlog

Posted at 2:11 PM, Feb 24, 2016

It may seem like there are way too many road construction projects around the valley. But is it more than normal?

"I just know that every time you turn around there's a construction zone," Kathy said.

Construction projects are in all corners of the valley.

"You have to reroute your whole entire routine to just try to get anywhere," Julie Martin said.

There actually is more construction on valley roads after many projects were put on the shelf during the recession.

"Now that the economy has picked back up we're playing catch up," said Tony Illia, Nevada Department of Transportation public information officer. "But keep in mind we were playing catch up to begin with."

The population in Southern Nevada has doubled in the past two decades, therefore, demanding construction projects on nearly every major roadway to keep the pace with the growth. But the recession has made it all seem like we're running against the wind.

If the amount of construction doesn't keep going, the Nevada Department of Transportation says we could face an insurmountable backlog.

There's also different projects by various local agencies.

So it's time to get used to it even when it's frustrating.

"It's hard to get to work on time, you know?" James Fannon said. "So you have to leave 10 to 20 minutes earlier."