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Moms say apartments under siege from rats

Critters first spotted in Oct. at Nellis and Twain
Posted at 11:47 PM, Dec 01, 2016
Mothers desperate for help are turning to 13 Action News after they say rats have infested their apartments at Nellis and Twain.
"It's disgusting and I'm scared for my kid's life," said Christina Dalton.
Dalton showed Action News pictures and videos of the rats.
She said she has killed at least 7 rats since October 5th.  Our crews saw rat droppings behind Dalton's stove and inside her cabinets.
"They hop on my counter, they climb on my tables," she said. 
The mom of two, who is expecting her third child, said she fears for her entire family's health.
"I'm constantly washing my kid's hands because I'm paranoid," she said, "rat poop is going to give them some type of disease or something."
We spoke with another mother who didn't want to be identified because she said she feared retaliatory eviction.
Dalton said she immediately reported the issue to management but pest control didn't come for an entire month.
We're told the rats are getting into the apartments through holes that management hasn't patched up. 
"Stuffed it with towels, and my kid's clothes," she said.
Shortly before they closed, our crews walked into the leasing office of the Villa Del Rio Apartments.
A worker said she could not comment and asked us to leave the private property.
13 Action News will follow up with management again to see what's being done regarding this issue.
Dalton said she has been given permission to break her lease, and she's sharing her story now to warn all current and future tenants. 
She said this experience has been very difficult.
"I have to spend money on deposits and first month's rent, and it's Christmas time," she said.