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Mom scared after homophobic slur painted on window

Posted at 12:18 PM, Jan 20, 2017
A mom is scared to leave her home after seeing what showed up on her kitchen window.
A homophobic slur showed up on one mother's kitchen window Wednesday, near Vegas Valley Drive and Nellis Boulevard. Anyone walking by could see it. The single mother and her son couldn't eat without seeing it.
"He got freaked out to the point where he would hold onto me and scream not wanting to sit at the dining room table and to this day he still will not eat in our dining room. He's terrified," said the mother, who didn't want her name released for fear of retaliation.
Looking around the Stonegate Apartments, there's not a lot of graffiti anywhere except the mother's apartment. The victim thinks she may have been targeted.
"I feel like I'm kind of failing as a mom because right now we're living in a place that's unsafe," said the mother.
The word stayed up until 13 Action News crews started poking around. The graffiti may not be everywhere, but the fear is shared.
"I added extra locks on the door and even sometimes when my boyfriend isn't home we'll put a barricade under the door because I don't feel safe sleeping in there alone," said Meghan Gamboa, another mom who lives in the same complex.
Even though the paint is wiped clean, the mom wants to leave, but her lease lasts well into the summer. The mom is in a wheelchair. She's worried if someone tries to attack, she won't be able to protect her child.