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Mom says son's name was on 'kill list' at Vanderburg Elementary

Police say it was just a game
Posted at 9:47 PM, Jun 29, 2017

School. It’s one of the places a child should never have to worry, especially at a blue-ribbon school like Vanderburg Elementary.

But Melisa Davies said her son Drighton, at just 10 years old, fears for his life. “He’s at school. He should feel safe,” Davies said . “He’s upset.”

That’s because of a game some kids were playing in Drighton’s fifth–grade class, a game with a very disturbing twist. “It was a kill list,” Davies said. “I was horrified.”

“It had my name and another kids’ name,” said Drighton, who at first, it had to be a joke. “It could be a joke. But, killing? I don’t feel like that’s a joke.”

According to a report by Clark County School Police, four students playing the game, formed an imaginary group called “CPU.” Each desk in the class was a country. The group invades a country, killing the imaginary adversary. Drighton’s desk was a country.

Drighton’s mom says she told school officials, but was unsatisfied with their response. “Nothing happened to these boys,” Davies said.

Davies worries because, she said, one of the kids has repeatedly harassed her son. “Intimidation, bullying,” she said, adding the boy kept up the bullying even after school officials talked to him. 

Drighton moves on to middle school next fall. He just wants to able to go to class without anyone bothering him.

“They could actually still approach me,” Drighton said.

School police closed the case, writing in the report, the students were just playing a strategy game.

Melinda Malone, a spokeswoman for Clark County Schools says she could not go into details because the case involves minors.

Malone did send a written statement: “School police investigated the matter and appropriate action was taken. This matter was taken seriously and immediately investigated. 

“The parents of all students involved were contacted directly by school staff and school police.”