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Mom fears house filth may make her children sick

Posted at 8:48 PM, May 12, 2017
When Jessica Villasana and her family moved into this home at Walnut Estates last February, right away, she noticed something wrong.
 "The mold. I wasn't aware it was mold," Villasana said.
Black crud was growing under the kitchen sink, on the wall of the cabinet, on the pipes and the counter top.
Villasana said she tried to clean it, but broke out in a terrible rash. “They started to travel up my arm and then the following day I started breaking out in hives on my legs," she said.
And then the family made a revolting find. "we had to throw away the decaying mouse underneath the cabinet," Villasana said.
Now, she fears her three young kids, her cousin who lives with them and her husband could get sick.
"I'm not so much worried about myself right now. It's my family," she said.
Villasana told 13 Action News she's called and written letters to management. They've sent out clean-up crews, but she says that did not fix the problem.
"There's still mouse feces underneath the cabinet,” she said. “I want to move. I don't want to be here anymore.” 
Thirteen Action News called Walnut Estates LLC, based in Beverly Hills, C. The owner, Mike Yamin, said his company sent another crew to inspect the home of Friday. He said the crud is not mold at all, but insulation. He sent us an invoice for the exterminator he said his company paid for. And he claimed Villasana's rash might not be from hives but, perhaps, bites from bed bugs.
Yamin called Villasana "a problematic resident.” He said any problem she's having is her own fault.
Villasana stands by her story.