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Mom and aunt held without bail for child's death

Posted at 11:45 AM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 20:34:25-04
A mom and aunt are in jail without bail for the death of a child.
"They stole my grandbaby and it's just crazy," said Desire Island, the victim's grandmother.
Mom, Kendra Hatch, and her sister, Mylynda Hatch, sat one apart from each other in the courtroom Monday. They were wiping away tears. Just feet away sat the family who couldn't believe what they were seeing.
"I seen her start to cry a little bit and I'm wondering you weren't crying the day that you didn't take Ryleigh to the hospital, so why cry now," said Desire Island.
Police say a child died because of an overdose of narcotics. She was reportedly given powerful pain medication to help her through an injury. More than a month went by before the people who were supposed to be watching over the little girl were arrested.
"I feel like they knew they were in trouble and they didn't want to get in trouble and now they're facing murder," said Porscha Island, another family member.
The little girl's family came to court today wearing matching shirts, carrying posters with the young victim's face.
"First I felt sadness because she was gone, but then when I found out how she was gone it turned to anger, and that's what I feel today is anger," said Desire Island.
Both Kendra and Mylynda Hatch are supposed to be back in court this week.