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Mob Museum hopes to expand with purchase of new land

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jul 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 21:43:04-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Mob Museum is expanding the family reach.

Tuesday, a parcel of land next to the museum was purchased with the hopes of expansion.

This wouldn’t the first time the museum has renovated. Back in 2018, they added new attractions like the Organized Crime Today exhibit, the interactive Crime Lab, and the underground Speakeasy and Distillery.

President & CEO of the Mob Museum Jonathan Ullman said, "It goes without saying that the thirst for what we deliver at the Mob Museum is unquenchable."

At the end of 2019, they saw over 400,000 guests, not including web hits and community educational outreach. With the increasing number of visitors, the museum want to maximize their footprint.

"The stories that we tell in this building are truly endless. If we’re going to do it exhibits and other types of interactive experiences we need more space than we have right now," Ullman said.

The land next to the museum was officially purchased yesterday. They are in the earliest stages of development, and no set timeline is available as of now.