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MLB mentions Las Vegas as possible destination if Oakland A's don't get new stadium deal done

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Posted at 9:08 PM, Oct 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-07 12:40:33-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas is already getting the Raiders from Oakland, but could the A’s be packing up as well?

That’s what the MLB commissioner saying could happen if a stadium deal in Oakland can’t get done.

Major league baseball and Las Vegas, it’s a link that has been made in recent years through various rumors and moves, and now the Oakland A’s are part of that conversation—

“I think it’s a realistic possibility,” TC Martin, a sports radio host with KSHP 1400, said.

A possibility after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told officials in Oakland and Alameda County to work together with the A’s on a new stadium deal or else. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an Oakland city councilman says during a meeting, the commissioner pointed out Bay Area fans would visit Las Vegas to see the raiders, and unless things changed, may see the A’s as well.

Martin says it’s a similar issue that brought the raiders to town.

“None of these people can get on the same page. It’s the city of Oakland, the county Coliseum and then the A’s themselves and it just continues to be a mess. Las Vegas could be rewarded again,” he said.

Martin says the A’s to Las Vegas would make sense, pointing to the success of the Aviators, the A’s Triple-A team.

“They love the Aviators, and everything they’ve done, basically getting over ten thousand fans a night in a beautiful facility, so that relationship has already been set in stone,” he said.

He also mentions Las Vegas finally becoming a sports town with the success of other local teams.

“The success of the Golden Knights in the NHL, the WNBA with the Aces. The NBA has long talked about coming here, and now you have the NFL with the Raiders. Major League Baseball could easily happen here,” Martin said.

So far, the plan is for the A’s to remain in Oakland, but as this stadium issue drags out it remains to be seen whether a deal can be reached.