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Missing girls now home safe with families

Posted at 6:10 AM, Sep 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-28 09:10:40-04

After more than two weeks of searching for them, two teenage girls are back home with their families. Elizabeth Cook and Iris Marmolejo were recognized by one of our viewers Saturday afternoon.

The viewer recognized Elizabeth and Iris sitting in front of the CVS near East Flamingo Road and South Maryland Parkway. The woman hopped onto Facebook when she got home and posted what she saw on the girls' missing page, alerting their parents of her discovery.

Natasha Cook couldn't be happier to have her 17-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Cook, back in her arms.

"Grateful, happy, thrilled to have her home and safe," said Natasha Cook.

Elizabeth Cook and her girlfriend Iris Marmolejo went missing two weeks ago. The high school girls decided to run away from home.

"I never knew how dangerous the outdoors could be," said the teen.

Red Rock Search and Rescue worked vigorously for 14 days to find signs that the girls were even alive. Natasha Cook reached out to us at Channel 13 when the search for Elizabeth and Iris reached a dead end.

"I was shocked to see all the hard work and time put into finding us," said Elizabeth Cook.

Elizabeth says she and Iris spent their two weeks on the streets of Las Vegas. They did whatever they could to stay cool during the day and keep warm at night.

"Every second we were afraid someone was gonna steal our things, and that someone was gonna try to hurt us and it's not a good feeling to have," said Elizabeth Cook.

Elizabeth says her and her girlfriend's decision to run away was probably the wrong one. She says she's thankful someone recognized them to bring them back home to their loving families.

"It's just a miracle because I know this doesn't happen every day, and I'm just glad I got here and was able to return home before things got worse and I'm glad that now she's safe," said Elizabeth Cook.