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Vegas woman says missing dog found, mistakenly given to new family

Posted at 8:00 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 10:34:59-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas woman says she found her missing dog on the Animal Foundation's website. But when she went to pick up the dog, it had already been adopted by someone else.

Sugar, a gray and white pit bull, has been there for dog owner Jeanne Zippel, after she lost her daughter to cervical cancer.

"I rescued her, and she rescued me. She is the best dog, and she has helped me make it through, and I cannot be without her," Zippel said.

Zippel also said a few days ago, Sugar went missing while staying at a friend's house -- escaping out of a gate that hadn't been fully closed.

"I went to take dog food over for her, and saw what happened," Zippel said.

Then, Zippel said she found Sugar on the Animal Foundation's website.

She immediately called and set up an appointment for the next day to pick her up.

In that time, the Animal Foundation had renamed Sugar to Hollywood, according to Zippel, and when she went to pick up the dog, she was told it had already been adopted.

Zippel says there was a lot of back and forth to figure out what happened to Sugar.

"They don't know who to blame," Zippel said.

Zippel also told 13 Action News that a supervisor tried to reach the new family, but they refused to give her back.

"I'm not going to take that she's adopted," Zippel said. "I'm not going to take this lying down. I want my dog."

Representatives for the Animal Foundation said they are aware of the "mistaken adoption," and have been in contact with the dog's original owner, and taking steps to rectify the situation.

Foundation representatives also said they have policies and procedures in place to avoid mistakes such as this, and there is a "possibility" that Zippel will be able to get Sugar back.