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Missing Chihuahua finds her way back home after two weeks

Posted at 11:27 PM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 02:51:10-05
A Henderson family says it's a miracle their dog showed up back at home after being missing for two whole weeks.
Mike and Jane Andriese say they went for a walk with all four of their dogs Dec. 23.
Abbee the Chihuahua was spooked by a bigger dog they saw while on the walk. The family says she bolted over a hill while screaming and crying.
"She took off screaming, she thought the dog was going to hurt her," said Jane Andriese.
The Andriese family thought she would run home but when they didn't find her there, they began searching immediately.
They posted on the popular neighborhood app, Nextdoor, hoping someone may come across the dog in her pink sweater.
A couple days into their search, they found the pink sweater without Abbee in it.
A week later, Abbee still hadn't turned up and tragedy struck the family again. Their Border Collie Bobby died.
"Our hearts were broken for two dogs," said Jane Andriese.
The couple just about gave up on their search for Abbee.
"I hate to say we gave up but I kind of feel like we did kind of because our hearts were hurting so bad that we didn't want to think about her out in the cold anymore."
Another week passed by. Mike Andriese woke up just before 3 a.m. and went downstairs. He heard a scratching sound at the door.
"He went to the door and I hear him say oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" said Jane Andriese.
Abbee was at the door. The Andrieses celebrated with tears of joy. They brought her to the vet and he was thrilled with her health despite the conditions she endured.
"For a little princess who survived two weeks in hell, she looks pretty good," the vet told the family.
The Andriese family is so happy to be able to spoil Abbee once again.