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Michelle Obama voting rally: What issues do young voters want politicians to address?

Posted at 5:19 PM, Sep 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-24 06:55:34-04

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is in the valley to host a voter registration rally at Chaparral High School.

Mrs. Obama is hoping to encourage more young people to get out and vote.  Before the event, we went to UNLV to ask students: What would it take to get them to the polls and what issues do they want their future elected officials to address.

UNLV students are the type of voters Mrs. Obama and the rest of "When We all Vote" campaign hope to reach. 

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Many of the students we spoke with are registered and plan on heading to the polls but they have different thoughts on which issues elected leaders should focus on.

Olivia Lesure: Environmental issue and healthcare need to be addressed. In my family healthcare is a big issue. We have a lot of health issues and I personally had health issues and without the help of insurance I would still be sick today.

Some want to address sexual harassment.

Brenden Daniels: Females and even men shouldn't be harassed ever. 
Nina Porciuncula: What do you think can be done to address that issue?
Brenden Daniels: Harsher punishments.

Others believe its immigration.

Lauren Mitchell: Children in interment camps. That's not right. That's almost like that reminds me of the holocaust. I can't deal with that. 

Other issues that were brought up: protecting the LGBT community and their rights, having sensible gun policies and ways to deal with mental health issues. 

According to the US census data from the 2016 election, young voters ages 18 to 29 were the only group where voter turnout increased from 2012.

Young voters hope to continue that trend and wish to see more head out to the polls in November. 

Olivia Lesure: A lot of people our age complain about what's going on in politics today but they didn't vote so I wanna stress that if you wanna have a say on what's going on you have to vote.