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Family opens up for book on 'Road Rage' murder

Posted at 8:32 AM, Sep 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-29 11:32:20-04
Three weeks before Erich Nowsch is scheduled to stand trial, the family of the woman he is accused of killing is opening up about the highly publicized case.
This as Bob Meyers and his four children discussed the incidents surrounding Tammy Meyers death on Feb. 12 and the media attention that soon followed.
"He walks out into a social media storm that includes comments like, she got what she deserved," author Mark Fierro said.
Comments like that following the shooting are the reason Fierro says the Meyers family gave their side of the story for his book, Road Rage in Las Vegas: The Senseless Murder of Tammy Meyers.
The book highlights at several points the fact that the accused killer, Erich Nowsch, confessed.
"It is pretty easy to see the Meyers family deserve their day, and to clear that name, to clear their mother's name as soon as possible," Fierro said.
Nowsch’s attorney has repeatedly challenged the taped confession, saying he was high at the time, but a judge ruled that the tape can be used at trial.
The book not only details the murder case, but also the Meyers' 25 years together.
In describing the case and arrest of Erich Nowsch, Fierro is critical of not only Nowsch's attorney but also the British tabloids. 
"When the British tabloids took an interest, I think it kind of infected the media environment and not for the good," Fierro said.
The book also maintains the Meyers women were in a minor accident prior to the shooting.
"The car was bumped. I'll show you the pictures of it," Fierro said.
Those pictures show minor damage to the car Tammy Meyers was driving that night.
The book says the driver of that car got out and threatened Tammy and her daughter, but says that person was not Nowsch. The book says that threat prompted Meyers to go home and get her son, which led to the fatal confrontation with Nowsch.
Even pointing to the taped confession from Nowsch saying it was a case of mistaken identity.
In a text message to Action News Nowsch’s attorney Conrad Claus said, “I look forward to reading the book and seeing which version of their ever changing story they are going to use this time.”
Nowsch’s trial is currently scheduled to begin on Oct. 19.