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Police car parked in VA hospital handicap spot

Posted at 11:21 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 18:29:23-05
Questions are being raised after a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department vehicle was seen parked in a handicapped spot in the emergency room parking lot of the Las Vegas VA Medical Center.
The person who took the video and the picture wants to remain anonymous but he is a veteran who was inside the VA Medical Center Tuesday afternoon.
He shared the photo and video with the organization Photography Is Not A Crime!
The witness says the LVMPD officer pulled into the handicapped spot, looked around, and then got out of her car and headed into the hospital. The anonymous picture taker says the officer was inside for about 20 minutes before coming back outside. He says she then sat in her vehicle for a few minutes, headed back in the hospital, came back out and left about 35 minutes after arriving.
"Why would they have privileges to park anywhere they want to?" asked a handicapped woman.
The anonymous veteran says the cop did not appear to be in an emergency and there was no patient in her vehicle.
"It is annoying," said the handicapped woman. "I have seen trucks, construction trucks, park in handicap spots when I needed to get in the store and I couldn't do that. I would say something (to the officer) but I would say it in a nice way."
13 Action News called LVMPD twice to get an explanation. We were told we would get a call back but never did.