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'Ghost bike' memorial for Henderson woman goes missing

Posted at 11:22 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-03 16:40:29-05

A devastated family was left without answers after a memorial to their loved one went missing Thursday. 

Elizabeth Miller said her mom, Cara Cox, was an unforgettable woman. 

"She just made an impact on everybody," Miller said. 

Miller wanted to make sure no one forgot how her mom died. She was hit and killed while cycling near Sun City Anthem Drive and Thunder Bay Avenue in Henderson during 2015. 

Last November, a local bike club along with the family erected a 'ghost bike' in her honor. Ghost bikes are bikes that are painted white and placed near areas where cyclists have been killed. 

"People can drive down the street and see it and know, "You know what, there are cyclists on this road. I need to be careful," Miller said. 

Cara's ghost bike went missing Thursday. Miller had no idea who took it, so she reached out to 13 Action News. 

"It was one of those things where I feel like I lost my mom all over again," Miller said. 

After several unanswered phone calls and a trip to a council member's home, 13 Action News found out the Anthem Council took the bike down. 

According to council member Arthur Lindberg, the Anthem Council typically does not allow memorials in public spaces--especially along the side of the road where it can become a distraction. 

Lindberg said the council tried to contact Miller to let her know the memorial would need to be removed by March 1. 

 Miller never received any notice. 

"It just breaks my heart to know that somebody, or people, however this was taken down, that they felt like that was an appropriate thing to do," Miller said. 

Lindberg said the council is sympathetic to Miller's loss and will try to return the bike to her possession.