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Memorial destroyed for hit-and-run victim

Posted at 11:22 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 10:09:44-04
It's been more than a week since 55-year old Clay Stampley Sr. was left for dead in the middle of the street near Cheyenne and Simmons.
As of Monday night, his killer is still on the loose. And to make matters even worse, a memorial his family made for him was nearly destroyed.
"That just shows you what type of people we are dealing with," said the victim's son, Clay Stampley Jr. "The type of people that killed him. We ain't do nothing to these people. They killed my father and then they come and destroy his memorial."
Stampley Jr. visits his dad's memorial every night. He was fighting back tears as he told 13 Action News about it.
"I come every night and say goodnight. Just you know, how the day went, just to keep in contact."
The family believes whoever did this, knows the suspect in this case, Qaadir Issan Amin II. North Las Vegas police identified him as the driver of the suspect vehicle. He is still on the run. He reportedly posted a selfie on social media just minutes after the crash, showing off his injuries.
"The longer this person makes a decision every day to wake up and not do what's right by turning himself in, the wound just gets bigger for our family," said the victim's niece Carmella Gadsen. "We can't heal and move on from this one day because the person doesn't have the decency to honor the fact he killed a man."
Thanks to donations from people in the community, Clay's siblings from North Carolina were able to afford flights to come to Las Vegas. They arrive in town Tuesday night. They will stay in town for Stampley's funeral on Saturday.