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Victim's mom speaks about 10-year-old cold case

Posted at 11:23 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 02:40:43-04
This Memorial Day weekend marks 10 years since three people were shot and killed at a neighborhood block party near Frederick Avenue and Walker Avenue. A decade later, their killers are still on the loose.
Ruby Arberry Samuel is the mother of one of the victims, Gemar Samuel. She spends a lot of time reminiscing about her late son.
"I miss him," she said. "He would always come hug me and say what are you up to?! What are you doing?! And he would smile.
Gemar Samuel didn't even make it to his 25th birthday.
"It's a hurting feeling," she said. "It's a deep like heavy heart. I'm heavy-laden in my heart cause that was my baby. He was only 24 years old."
Back in 2006, Samuel went to a Memorial Day block party with his friends. His mom saw him before he headed out that day. She told 13 Action News she had a bad feeling about the party.
"I said, somebody gonna get killed. But I didn't know it was gonna be my son."
Eight people were shot at the party. Three of them were killed. Along with Gemar Samuel, Steven Beck and Tina Robles died too. Police say the person or people responsible got away after wreaking havoc on the party, making this a decade old cold case.
"I just can't believe it. My mom wanted to know what happened to him before she died but she didn't get a chance to find out. I hope I get to find out before I die."
Arberry Samuel has some words for her son's killer.
"I'm not angry at you. But you took my child away from me. I can forgive you but not forget. Just come forward. Give yourself up. You hurt too many people. That's too many lives. That's heavy-laden on their heart."
Dozens of people have been interviewed over the last decade regarding this triple homicide. But even after all this time, not a single suspect has been identified. Las Vegas police are still taking tips and information about that day.