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Medical mix-up terrifies Las Vegas family

Family: Phone call takes terrifying turn
Posted at 11:27 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 10:55:47-04

A Las Vegas family says a mix-up at a doctor's office lead them to believe their child had cancer.

"There is nothing... nothing worse than that feeling," said Deanna Layne.

Deanna, a lab technician, says her 13-year-old son had routine blood work days ago.

On Monday, she says she got a call to schedule a follow-up appointment from a medical assistant at Sunrise Pediatrics near Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn.

The mom asked if everything was okay with the blood work.

"She said no, it's not good," said Deanna.

According to the family, the medical assistant abruptly stated the child had a form of Leukemia. The news terrified the teenager.

"He was asking me, mom, can I just go to St. Jude?" said Deanna.

"It knocked me, I was panicked," said grandfather Mike Layne.

The grandfather's fist thought was not again. He had just lost his brother to cancer.

Determined to beat the odds this time, the family began researching potential treatments. That's when they say they heard the remarkable news.

"The doctor called me back, and she said that's not what he has," said Deanna.

Sunrise Pediatrics tells 13 Action News it would violate HIPAA to talk specifics. However, they say per policy, medical assistants are not to discuss lab results. They also state this is the first ever complaint of its kind.

The family says they are grateful their child is not sick. However, they believe there should be changes.