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Out-of-state pot patients help local economy

Posted at 12:32 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 20:37:54-04
More than 41 million are expected to visit Las Vegas this year and if any of them are registered medical marijuana patients, they can get their medicine right here, which means a boost for the local economy.
A new business is offering to help visitors get what they need. Drew Genus runs 420 Tours. It's similar to a regular tour featuring various attractions around the city except in this case, the tour stops at the various medical marijuana dispensaries.
"There are a lot of them that come and now that they have access to cannabis it's not only great for the state, because patients are paying taxes, but ultimately they have access to cannabis while they're visiting," says Gunnison.
24 states have legalized medical marijuana, but Nevada is one of a handful that accept out-of-state patients.
Since patients are buying pot here, the tax money that is collected stays in Nevada.
"You're obviously not allowed to carry it from another state on a plane while you're traveling so making it easier medical marijuana patients is a good thing for the state," says Robert Caking of the Cannabis Career Institute.
The sales are expected to generate more than $230,000 this year for the state. The money will benefit our schools and health industry.