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Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Henderson

Posted at 6:36 PM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-17 21:36:08-04
The medical marijuana industry in Nevada is continuing to blossom, with another dispensary opening up in Henderson.
Thursday was the grand opening of the first medical marijuana dispensary in the southern part of the valley. Nevada Medical Marijuana opened their Henderson location, off Saint Rose Parkway and Seven Hills Drive.
They grow all the marijuana and make all the oils and edibles at their Laughlin location. 
"A lot of people are already gearing up towards the recreational thing," said General Manager Christopher Degraff. "We really see the benefits in the medical marijuana use and we like to make sure we're educating our patients."
The Henderson location has been partially open since December, and Degraff said business is booming.
"We're really going for the demographic of the suburban neighborhood, trying to take the taboo off the medical marijuana," he said.
He said some of their users are first-timers, but many are older people between 50 and 70 who used marijuana recreationally years ago.
"They're more open to using it now that it's a lab-tested, quality product and they're buying it from a knowledgeable bud-tender who can education them on everything they need to know about that product when they leave the dispensary," said Degraff.
He also said most of their patients in Laughlin are actually from out of state.
As many as 80 percent of them are bringing medical marijuana cards from other states and using Nevada's reciprocity law to buy medical marijuana in the Silver State.