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Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore: 'I have a lot to say'

Posted at 5:00 PM, Jun 09, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — 13 Action News caught up with Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore Tuesday morning as she was leaving an Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority meeting of which she serves on the board.

"I get it, but we're going to have a press conference altogether, and I'll have a lot to say," said Fiore, outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Fiore also said, "When we put it out," when 13 Action News asked her on when she will be speaking out.

The mayor pro tem was in a few headlines over the weekend after she allegedly made "racially insensitive" comments about African Americans during Saturday's Clark County Republican Convention.

Clark County Republican Party rebukes racially charged remarks made by Michelle Fiore

And those comments prompted a rare rebuke from the party chairman.

"I asked her to retract it and apologize, and she refused to do it, saying that she doesn't apologize," said David Sajdak.

Sajdak said racially charged comments have no place in the county party's current mission, which is to uphold Republican values and ideals and be more inclusive.

"I'm trying to diversify the party. We've been very successful at it. We opened our tent, we opened our doors, and people have to learn to be much more careful when choosing their words," he said.

Asked whether Fiore's comments could affect her position on the board of the LVCVA, president Steve Hill said he has not heard what the comments were, and it wouldn't be up to him.

"We don't appoint our board members. I'll let the city and Mayor Pro Tem Fiore address that outside the organization," Hill said.