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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Material found on Las Vegas construction site tests postitive for asbestos

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 23:00:08-04

People living near a construction site by Blue Diamond Road and Rainbow Boulevard are concerned after material found at the location tested positive for asbestos.

Cathy Fry started to worry about the possibility of asbestos across from her home when construction crews started disrupting the ground last month. 

"If those fibers get released into the air, they lodge into the lungs. If enough lodge into the lungs, it can cause asbestosis," Fry said. 

So, Fry picked up some material she found in the lot, secured it in a plastic bag, and sent it off to a lab.  

The test results show the material consisted of 90 percent chrysotile asbestos. 

"This has been going on for weeks and we've been breathing in air," said Kathy Munnikheysen, who lives near the construction site. 

Lea Kain, a supervisor with the Clark County Department of Air Quality, said the department also tested parts of the material. Similar results were found. However, Kain said the quantity of the material was too small to fall under the Department of Air Quality's authority. 

Kain said the site's developers are responsible for cleaning it up, otherwise OSHA could get involved. 

D.R. Horton is the company overseeing the construction project. A media relations representative sent the following statement to 13 Action News:

An environmental assessment was performed on the Arden Estates property in October 2015, at which
time neither naturally occurring nor other suspect forms of asbestos-containing materials were
discovered. Clark County Air Quality recently completed an independent laboratory test on a portion of
man-made material, which is believed to be an old oven door seal that was later discarded and found on the property. The laboratory test indicated that the material contained asbestos.
D.R. Horton is currently taking steps through our licensed environmental consultant to ensure that the
material is removed and disposed of properly. The safety of our residents is of utmost priority, and D.R.
Horton is committed to providing quality homes and neighborhoods in Las Vegas and throughout the
United States.

Fry believes the material could be lingering under other areas of the dirt lot and wants a thorough investigation completed.