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Mass shooting survivor delivering 1,000 thank-you gift baskets in Las Vegas

Chad Robertson hopes to find rescuer
Posted at 7:38 AM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 12:25:07-05

A Colorado man is in Las Vegas this weekend, delivering gift baskets to first responders who saved lives during the 1 October shooting.  In the process, he's hoping to find one first responder in particular.    

Chad Robertson was wife his wife the night of the concert, but when the shots started going off, they were left confused and panicked.  In the chaos, he says a man ran up to them, and showed them his badge.  Robertson says he was an undercover sheriff working the concert, but he didn't catch his name.  

That man was able to tell them where to hide, when to run, and how to get to safety.  Robertson says that man was the reason he and his wife were able to get home safely.  

"He definitely took control of where we were at," says Robertson.  "We were in a panic stage.  We didn't know what to do, and we didn't know from what direction everything was happening from." 

Robertson says after the shooting, they started thinking of ways they could thank the first responders from that night, and try to find the undercover sheriff.  That's when they had the idea of holiday gift baskets.  

They made some calls, gathered some numbers, and posted on social media.  The response has been huge.  Hundreds volunteered to help, businesses gave items for the baskets, and organizations donated their resources.  

Robertson, and nearly 200 volunteers who have joined him along the way, will be visiting fire stations, police stations, and hospitals to personally drop off 1000 gift baskets. 

"We know these first responders are going through the same mental trauma that we are, they can't unsee what they saw that night," says Robertson.