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Marijuana classes popping up around Las Vegas

Posted at 9:49 AM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 12:49:39-05

Classes on marijuana are sprouting up across the valley.

At Nevada State College nursing students learn the basics of what marijuana and pot products can do to a patient. It's a unit that always keeps students interested.

"It is exciting. I mean we're right at the beginning of where maybe the medicinal purposes are going to go for the future," said Susan Growe, an assistant professor at the NSC School of Nursing.

Your future caretakers are also talking ethics at NSC. Specifically, whether nurses should do pot on their own time. June Eastridge, a lecturer at the NSC School of Nursing, reminds students even though it's legal recreationally in the state, many employers drug test.

"We want to make sure bottom line that we're at our best when we're in the workplace," said Eastridge.

The students taking these classes at NSC will be the people you see first when you come to a hospital or clinic, but there are classes you can join.

At The Source dispensary, the last Tuesday of every month is their "Higher Education" series. These are discussions with experts about the industry of marijuana. Some topics include edibles, topical applications, and cannabis vaporizer products.

"Customers, and even non-customers, they want to know more about the options that are available," said Andrew Jolley, the CEO of The Source.

As pot blossoms in Nevada, both teachers and retailers want to learn more and to teach more.