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Marijuana amnesty boxes set up at airport in Las Vegas

Posted at 2:14 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 22:27:24-05

People catching a flight at the airport in Las Vegas can now get rid of any leftover weed before taking to the skies thanks to metal receptacles installed outside the facility.

Thirteen green metal containers have been set up at McCarran International Airport in response to county officials banning marijuana possession and advertising at the facility last year. They plan on adding seven more boxes. 

The receptacles commonly referred to as "amnesty boxes" are bolted to the ground and designed so that marijuana and prescription drugs can only be dropped in, but not taken out.

Airport spokeswoman Christine Crews says the bins "are offered as a way to help people comply with this ordinance."

So what happens to the drugs collected from these bins?

"We have a professional services contract with a company that will be disposing of whatever is surrendered in the most appropriate way," says Crews.

People 13 Action News spoke with think installing the bins is a good idea.

Cadie Ericksen from Utah says, "Whether you're using marijuana recreationally or medically, it's important to dispose of it properly just like you would in any other medication."

Daniel Mock of North Dakota is against recreational marijuana. But he says, "Well at least they're trying to deal with it safely instead of like I said, just being in the garbage where a little kid could grab it."

Clark County commissioners banned marijuana possession and advertising at McCarran in an effort to keep it in compliance with federal law.