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Marathon runners hit with wind and rain

Posted at 6:04 AM, Nov 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-16 09:04:39-05

The wind and the rain swept across the valley earlier -- not the most ideal conditions for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon runners Sunday evening.

Action News was out on the Las Vegas Strip most of the day and night watching runners finish. Some of them smiling and happy to be done. Others looked like they might have been in some pain after 26.2 miles in the wind and rain. 
One of them we spoke with traveled all the way from Syracuse, New York, for the race. Even though Fred Gadawski is used to the windy and cold conditions, he says he was hoping for typical sunny Las Vegas weather for his first marathon ever.
"We were at the concert waiting, I was like its a little bit cold and then it rains here like five days out of the year and of course it rains on this one," said Fred Gadawski.
So it made it a little difficult?
"It did," said Gadawski. "The last 10 or 11 miles it kinda blew in your face. It took your breath away a little but you'll have that."
The Las Vegas local we spoke with said he didn't mind a little rain during his run.
"It was worth it. Every minute of it. It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. It just cooled me down. I felt even better," said Charles Albert.