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Budget-friendly items at CES 2017

Many new products at CES aimed at families
Posted at 5:42 AM, Jan 06, 2017

Many of the new products featured at CES 2017 are specifically aimed at parents and families.

13 Action News returned for the second day of the giant tech trade show to check out more products.

On Friday morning, we got a chance to check out an all-in-one laundry machine. The machine is able to wash and dry clothes and will automatically dispense detergent based on load size.

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We also took a look at a new fever patch called Fever Scout for children. The patch will alert parents on their phone if their child's fever spikes or breaks. The patch is made by Viva Link.

We also looked at a device that uses UV light to clean toys, bottles, pacifiers etc.

But what about the most affordable products at CES? 

13 Action News found a WearSafe clicker that will alert friends and family that you are in need of help in just seconds. The best part the cost is only $5 a month. 

We also found a do-it-yourself security home system by Sabre that costs $200 and takes minutes to set up. 

But experts said protecting your house could be as easy as setting up a sign.

"You can put the sign on your front lawn and they're going to skip over that house and go to one with no security," said David Nance with Sabre Security Systems. 

In addition, we saw the Ovulation Tracking Bracelet that is being promoted by Ava Women. According to Ava, the bracelet will help women identify the 5 days that they are most fertile, which will double a woman's chances to conceive.