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Locals angry about LIB near homes

Posted at 7:01 PM, Sep 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 22:01:06-04
Thousands of people are downtown. The streets are lined with art. There’s enough music to last a weekend.
The annual Life is Beautiful festival has begun.
"Last year was my first year and I was hooked,” said one festival-goer. “I'm going to be coming every year moving forward for sure."
As the music the plays, and audiences dance, Vegas residents right outside of the festival’s gates are having their own experience.
"It's just a lot of confusion, a lot of beep beep and rude people,” complained one resident who leaves 4 blocks away from the festival. “People get irritated. They're rushing, driving fast and crazy."
Some residents dread the festival for the way it disrupts their daily lives.
"It's kind of inconvenient. It's like you have to plan your weekend accordingly to what's going on," said Vegas local David Seiber.
Traffic, noise, safety, and a lack of parking are concerns every year.
"A lot of people are not slowing down and realizing that there is a concert,” said Michelle Stevenson. “Not watching the detour signs. So you have a lot of people crossing over to places their not supposed to be so the traffic is congested."
The festival doesn't just impact nearby residents. It also has an impact on surrounding businesses.
"The last couple years, it wasn't so good for us," said an owner of a nearby convenience store.
He blames all of the road closures.
"It was kind of like making it difficult to come in, and around, you know, to come to our business at least," he said.
The last day of the festival is Sunday.