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Many CCSD students getting new teachers after staff re-assignments

Posted at 6:17 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 21:17:01-04

 A number of Clark County School District students will have new teachers Friday because of a process called "surplus re-assignment."

Twice a year, the district figures out where they have too many teachers and too few students.

Then the teachers are moved to somewhere they're more needed.

"[For] the kids, it's like being separated from a family member actually," said Christopher Fones, a second grade teacher who's part of the surplus. "It's very hard."

A CCSD spokesperson says 118 teachers were re-assigned Thursday, fewer than normal.

Both the district and the teachers' union, Clark County Education Association, say it's unlikely anyone will lose their jobs from not getting re-assigned.

Even so, teachers and administrators alike agree this is a difficult thing for everyone involved.

The hope is to not let the changes too significantly disrupt the educational process.

"Obviously [the students] bonded with their teachers and the students in their class but we all just do our best to give them a brand new start and catch everybody up," said Linnea Westwood, the principal of Elise Wolff Elementary School.

Once everyone has their new assignments, the district will lift a hiring freeze, allowing them to hire from the outside again.