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Man who suffers seizures missing service dog

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 08, 2016

A man who suffers from seizures is desperately searching for his service dog.  He says the dog escaped back in November, and now he's hoping somebody has seen her.

"I'm constantly being haunted just thinking of what situation she could be in," says Jason Taras.  

Taras says while he's worried about his dog Nikki's safety, he's also worried about his.  

"She's primarily a seizure dog," says Taras.

Several years ago, Taras used to ride BMX bikes, and was involved in a terrible accident, when he fell from his bike and landed on his head.  

"Ever since then, I'll get seizures every now and then," says Taras.  

Nikki has been by his side to call for help, for nearly all of his episodes.  Now, he's hoping somebody has seen his dog and can help return her before his health gets any worse.