Man wakes up to shots fired at cars, home

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A neighborhood near Bonanza and Sloan is on edge after finding a car and home shot at.

It all happened around 11:30 Sunday night.  Isaac Villanueva says he thought the sounds were intitially a bottle rocket or fireworks and didn't think anything of it.

But then he discovered they were gunshots, noticing a bullet going through the back windshield of his car and through the front, and some bullet holes in his house.

He says one of them was just feet away from the window to his parents' bedroom.

Surveillance video from a neighbor shows and figure walking towards the house, and then a flash as the shots are fired.

Police are investigating the case, and no suspects have been named.

Villanueva says he's hoping the suspects will be caught soon.  "I just want to know who it was and for what reason, honestly," he says.

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