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Man tries to smuggle 11 giant crabs onto plane at McCarran Airport

Posted at 11:21 PM, Oct 13, 2016

There have been some strange things moving through McCarran International Airport, including the latest -- 11 giant crabs.

McCarran Airport officials say a man tried to smuggle the crabs onto a Delta plane.
The Transportation Security Administration noticed the suitcase was moving so they checked it out and uncovered the crabs.
A Delta worker called the Nevada SPCA and asked them if they would take the crabs.
“I have a strange question, we got some crabs and we’re wondering if you guys can accept them, and I’m like of course!" SPCA worker Lara Rodriguez said. "We’re going to accept them.”
The workers at the SPCA were picturing little hermit crabs, not these giant land crabs.
“I was a little shocked when I picked them up cause they were bigger than I expected,” Rodriguez said.
The shelter took seven of the crabs because four died after their trip in the suitcase. It is unknown what happened to the man who smuggled the crabs.
Four of them have been adopted out to local marine biologists so far. That leaves three crabs still to be adopted.
Click here for information on how to adopt one.