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Man tells his survival story after falling from 70-foot-tall crane

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 02:48:05-04

A man who fell from a 70-foot-tall crane while on the job told 13 Action News his story of how he survived.

Months later, Micah Andrews went back to work for the first time Monday.
In April, Andrews was up in a crane's metal bucket inspecting a Circle K sign near the Stratosphere hotel-casino. In what he calls a freak accident, a mechanism on the crane snapped.
Jolted downward, Andrews knocked his head on the metal bucket before tumbling into freefall.
The safety harness he wore saved his life. Then came the months of rehab and the visits from family.
"I don't remember seeing my mother for that period of time," Andrews said. "I don't remember my sister coming in from California."
That's because the accident wiped out his memory for a few weeks.
Other than that bit of brain damage and some physical limitations, Andrews escaped unharmed.
"I've got a 5-month-old and a girl that will be 3 [at the] end of October and I can pick both of them up, so that's a very big thing for me," he said.
Andrews says he sees life very differently now. He's grateful and carries an eternally positive attitude.
On Monday, he went into the office of his signage business for the first time since the accident. He's looking forward to the next time he goes up in a crane bucket.