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UPDATE: UNLV law professor attacked now in fair condition

Posted at 12:28 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 03:08:53-04

UPDATE: A UNLV law professor who was attacked and beaten while jogging has been upgraded to fair condition but remains at Sunrise Hospital.

Police said Leslie Griffin was suffering from two brain bleeds after being attacked two weeks ago.

HENDERSON (KTNV) -- A man was arrested Friday afternoon for reportedly assaulting a woman near Paseo Verde Parkway and Desert Shadow Trail.
The incident happened around 4:15 p.m. Witnesses say 23-year-old Michael Mattingly slammed the 59-year-old woman, Leslie Griffin, to the ground and kicked her. He then yelled "She's dying" and walked away. 
"He lunged at her and grabbed her and then lifted her up and threw her down," said Dareld Vicars, who witnessed the attack. 
Police say Mattingly attempted to steal the car of a person who was trying to help the woman, then left the area. 
Vicars said groups of people came to help Griffin as she bled on the sidewalk. 
"She didn't respond and then another gal who said she was a nurse came over and she said she couldn't feel a pulse," Vicars said. 
Mattingly eventually returned to the scene of the assault where he was arrested by police.
Students at UNLV said Griffin is a law professor. Students said an email was sent out alerting them of what had happened. 
"I think this is just heartbreaking more than anything," said student Grayson Multon. 
According to police, Mattingly was out on "active supervised release" for a domestic battery incident at the time of the attack. He is being charged with battery, attempted robbery and violation of probation.
Police said Griffin was unconscious in the hospital suffering two brain bleeds Friday night.