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Uncle speaks out about NLV garage shooting

Posted at 5:41 AM, Nov 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-13 08:41:53-05
UPDATE: North Las Vegas Police announced they have arrested 44-year-old Mark Cadwallader of North Las Vegas for the shooting death on Wednesday afternoon.
Police say they made contact with Cadwallader at the residence after the shooting and this was not a random act of violence. The victim was shot multiple times inside the garage. Another adult male who was present was not injured.
Cadwallader was booked on murder with a deadly weapon.
Cadwallader’s uncle, Frank Woods, was at the home during the entire incident.  He spoke to Action News on Thursday, telling his side of the story.
He relived the deadly incident step by step, starting with the moment he walked into the garage.
"I came to the door and I saw a man talking to my nephew,” he said.
Then his nephew signals him to go back inside the house.
"I go back in the house and, within ten minutes, I hear two gunshots," he said.
So he heads back into the garage where he finds Cadwallader and a body on the ground.
"I looked at him and looked at my nephew and said 911, and he said yes."
The coroner identified the victim as 45-year-old Richard Gogo Jr. Woods didn't know him personally, but says he's a veteran who was known to have mental health issues. He says his nephew knew the man and had actually been trying get him some help. 
Woods believes "He should have been getting treatment that he needed to stabilize his agitated mind."
Neither Woods nor his nephew were hurt in the shooting.
EARLIER STORY: Police say a man was shot and killed inside the garage of a home on Wednesday.
North Las Vegas police say calls came in at 5:30 p.m. about shots fired. The victim is a 45-year-old man.
Police believe the person who shot him could be another man, but they haven't said what the connection or relationship is just yet. Neighbors say the area is relatively safe and are unsettled by the shooting.
"My home is right down the street, I definitely feel that I want to live in a safe neighborhood. I don't know who the assailants were, but I do know if I'm in my garage, I want to know that I'm safe and in an environment where I don't have to feel threatened," said James Loreto.
The shooting happened in the 4800 block of Glowing Garnet Street, which is near East Lone Mountain Road and Donna Street.
Police say this is an isolated incident. They are not looking for anyone else in connection to the shooting.
The Clark County coroner identified the victim on Thursday as Richard David Gogo, Jr.