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Man says parking lot problem cost him $500

Posted at 6:42 AM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 09:42:29-05
A man says a problem with a parking lot cost him almost $500.
He says the company that manages it refuses to help him or fix the issue.
A quick lunch became an annoying problem for Doug, when he tried to park in a lot at shopping center near Tropicana and Teepee to eat.
"I pulled up, getting ready to back up, and all of a sudden I hear this, "pshhhh" and I get out and look and this post sitting in my right front tire," Doug said.
He said he accidentally ran over a small post.
It looks like it was a pole that once held an information sign in like you see in parking lots, but was cut down, leaving about six inches still sticking up.
An employee at a business in the shopping center told Action News the posts used to be signs and have been cut off for months.
It cost Doug almost five hundred dollars to get a new tire, he showed us his receipt.
He wrote to the management company to try and get some help paying for the tire and get them to fix the issue that caused this.
"Basically what she (the woman with the management company) said to me is it was my fault I ran over this post and she didn't feel responsible at all," said Doug.
But after he contacted Teepee Development, a part of Filios Companies he says there were construction cones covering the posts.
"I felt like, well, she had put these cones up here because, even though she wouldn't admit to me that she felt responsible, she evidently felt she was responsible," Doug said.
A woman who works at one of the businesses in the area said someone else hit the post and spilled oil all over.
We called, emailed, and went to the offices of Filios Companies, but one of the tenants says they're out until January fourth.