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UPDATE: Man dies after being found on side of road

Posted at 11:56 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 02:36:12-04

UPDATE: Doug Pyle's family said the 55-year-old has died.

The family decided to take him off life support Monday. He suffered a brain hemorrhage two weeks ago before pulling over on the Southern 215 Beltway under the Jones Boulevard bridge and going unconscious.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A valley man is fighting for his life after something goes terribly wrong on his way home from work, leaving him unconscious on the side of the road for an unknown length of time. Now, 55-year-old Doug Pyle is fighting for his life as his family wonders if he will ever recover.
According to those close to Pyle, it was a normal evening Monday, June 27. Pyle was on his way home from work. When he felt a medical emergency coming on, he pulled over to the emergency lane on the 215 beltway right under the Jones Boulevard bridge.
He had enough time to put his truck into park and turn on his emergency flashers. His air conditioning was on at full blast. Pyle then quickly faded into a state of unconsciousness.
"He sat there on the side of that freeway for 13 hours, nobody helped him," said his best friend Melanie Smith. "Nobody stopped for him. It's ridiculous."
Meanwhile, as Pyle was in a coma on the side of the highway, his wife began to panic he never made it home from work. Their last phone call was at 10 a.m. Monday.
"He was like, 'Ok love, you have a good day, I'll see you when I get home,'" said wife Bonnie Pyle. "And I said I love you too and that was the last words we said to each other."
The next morning, his son-in-law decided to retrace Pyle's steps. At about 7:30 a.m., he spotted his father-in-law's truck.
"I'm flying up the emergency lane going 60 mph, screech to a halt, turn on my blinkers, jumped over the wall, and start pounding on the window," said Franklin Haley. "Not a single person stopped to ask if there was a problem."
Pyle had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. It left him unconscious but still sitting upright in his seat.
"His hand position, he was reaching for his phone," said Haley.
Now, Pyle remains in the hospital unresponsive, fighting for his life.
"I'll hold out until they tell me that there's no more hope," said Pyle.
The family cannot understand why no one stopped to check on Pyle. We reached out to Nevada Highway Patrol to ask.

“Public safety and assisting motorists is a priority of the Nevada Highway Patrol. Troopers are expected to stop and assist motorists when not responding to calls for service, or enforcing traffic violations,” said NHP.

The Pyle family has racked up medical bills and could use any help they can get. If you want to help, here is their GoFundMe page.

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