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Man in Las Vegas on 'Thank the Police' tour

Posted at 5:44 PM, Aug 07, 2016

A man who is running across the country to show his support for police was in Las Vegas Sunday.

Billy Richards said he was tired of seeing officers portrayed in a negative light so he left his home in New York to embark on this journey. He so far has been through 27 cities. Sometimes he is running alone but often officers run alongside him.

Richards said he hopes to boost the morale of departments across the country.

"I've gotten nothing but smiles and everything," he said. "They're very grateful for what I've been doing. I've also gotten a lot of positive feedback from the community as well. I'll run by, I've got nothing but horn blasts, thumbs up, waves."

Richards added he plans on stopping by at least four more major cities on his way back to New York.