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Man grateful for coyotes in neighborhood

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 13, 2017

A Henderson man says he's grateful for coyotes in his Seven Hills neighborhood.

Bob Kaliza and neighbors are dealing with a rabbit problem.

"I've probably replaced spots on the lawn at least five or six times," says Kaliza.

He says the solution is coyotes. 

"They can control the population, even just a little bit," says Kaliza.

Kaliza showed 13 Action News around his backyard at night, where he says these rabbits have made their mark, uprooting plants and damaging shrubs. 

"There's a lot of rabbits in that development," neighbor Ken Seiffert agrees.

Seiffert says despite the positive, coyotes can still pose danger. Especially, with his eight-year-old Shi Tzu to worry about.

"I have the leash on her all the time when I take her out at night," says Seiffert. "About a year ago one got in the backyard and really damaged up their dog."

The Nevada Department of Wildlife says folks across the valley will see even more coyotes as winter kicks off, and that's something these neighbors say might do just the trick.

"The rabbits have beat you haven't they," says Kaliza. "They'll shake their head and say the rabbits got me."