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Man evades police on someone else's roof for hours

Posted at 12:07 AM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 03:07:57-04

Las Vegas Police tried to negotiate with a man to come off a roof for nearly three hours Wednesday afternoon near Lone Mountain and Jones.

Deputy City Marshals say it started when the unidentified man cut his house arrest bracelet off his leg so a warrant was issued. 

Marshals were serving the warrant and speaking with the man when things took a turn.

"Everything was fine and then he thought that we were coming to get him and that's when he kind of ran on us," said Lt. Robert Woolsey.

Lt. Woolsey says the man hopped fences and jumped on walls in order to get up on a house about a block and a half away from his house.

Police tried to negotiate with the man to come down for nearly three hours.

During his time on the roof, he paced and talked to himself. He got so hot baking in the sun and in the 90 degree heat, he decided to take shirt off.

Eventually he climbed down the house and tried to run but police caught him and brought him into custody.

"Climbed down on his own, climbed down, jumped down and took off running and our officers were there to catch him on the way," said Lt. Robert Woolsey.

The man is in custody and being evaluated at CCDC.