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Man comes face-to-face with armed intruder

Posted at 1:34 AM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-06 08:49:54-05
A North Las Vegas man came face-to-face with an armed and masked intruder Monday evening.  
Detectives tell Action News they are investigating but no arrests have been made.  
Resident Joey Imerti said two to three men watched the home near Deer Springs Way and Decatur Boulevard for hours earlier in the day. Imerti was not sure what was happening but he had his rifle nearby.  
The invaders rang the doorbell for approximately ten minutes and eventually one crawled in through a back window.  
"They pried against the metal and actually unlatched the lock," said Imerti.  
The masked man walked into the living room with a hammer in his hand. 
"I told him freeze, don't move," said Imerti, "and after he moved I started shooting."
Two shots were fired but the intruder was not hit, said Imerti. 
"I wasn't shooting to kill," he said. "But if my gun did not jam, I definitely would have hit him."
Police set up a perimeter upon arriving to the scene but found no sign of the suspects.  Imerti said police were able to recover fingerprints in the home.
The men were seen in a black newer-model Dodge Challenger.